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Song of the Day

Today’s SOTD features all of my favorite things. Piano sounds where you can hear the piano parts moving. Post apocalyptic desert scenes. Slow motion. Singing that sends chills up my spine. This SOTD (and let’s be honest, VOTD) has it all! It’s enough to make one cry (I may have). Here’s Jon Hopkins again and Feel First Life.

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Song of the Day

Today’s SOTD is from Swedish DJ Oni Ayhun, also affiliated with The Knife so our Swedish electro theme continues. This is OAR003-B and it’s long and involved (in a lie back and close your eyes kinda way).

Also, because it’s my Saturday writing day, I feel inclined to share a new edition to the household. Call me eccentric (because I’ve never heard *that* before) but I’m going back to my writing roots. For my big rewrite I’m doing pen to paper, like I used to. Then I’ll be doing ink to paper. Immediate and deliberate; each word and punctuation intentional and hand-wrought. Seriously though. It’s working a kind of magic that a direct type to an iPad or laptop cannot match.

Olympia SM3 Deluxe, made in Germany. The holy grail of typewriters of yore basically. Refurbished and ready to be a work horse for years to come. Has a melodic bell on the carriage return. Original hammer-tone green finish and chrome trim. Super clean and minty condition. Drop dead gorgeous.
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Song of the Day

Today’s SOTD is by Swedish electronic group, The Knife. This is their song, Silent Shout. You know what else is kind of like a silent shout? Writing. This is a rather excellent song, kind of like my writing day was yesterday. On that note, is there anything more satisfying than an inspired writing day? Is there? I’m going to say no.

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Song of the Day

Today’s Song of the Day is how my brain has felt all week. My small prayer to the universe is that this is how my brain will continue to feel on Saturday’s writing day; all a-flurry with words and something vaguely resemblant of inspiration.

I haven’t posted Nils since last I saw him at the Danforth Music Hall so it’s clearly way past Nils o’ clock. Here he is with Hammers.