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Song of the Day

Today’s SOTD features all of my favorite things. Piano sounds where you can hear the piano parts moving. Post apocalyptic desert scenes. Slow motion. Singing that sends chills up my spine. This SOTD (and let’s be honest, VOTD) has it all! It’s enough to make one cry (I may have). Here’s Jon Hopkins again and Feel First Life.

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Song of the Day

Today’s SOTD is a double feature because I’m highlighting someone whose work I can’t narrow down to one song. One album, maybe. The album, in this case would be Horses, circa 1975.

I had this album cover framed and hanging on my bedroom wall back in the ‘80s. Recognize this famous photo by Robert Mapplethorpe?

First up is the title track, Horses, a song I couldn’t stop replaying back in the day because of its adlibbed prose. The other track is a more familiar one and my young self thought it so jaw-dropping and so hot because here was a woman singing about having sex with … *gasp*… another woman! Without further ado, here’s Patti Smith with Horses, followed by Gloria.

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Song of the Day

Today’s SOTD is from Swedish DJ Oni Ayhun, also affiliated with The Knife so our Swedish electro theme continues. This is OAR003-B and it’s long and involved (in a lie back and close your eyes kinda way).

Also, because it’s my Saturday writing day, I feel inclined to share a new edition to the household. Call me eccentric (because I’ve never heard *that* before) but I’m going back to my writing roots. For my big rewrite I’m doing pen to paper, like I used to. Then I’ll be doing ink to paper. Immediate and deliberate; each word and punctuation intentional and hand-wrought. Seriously though. It’s working a kind of magic that a direct type to an iPad or laptop cannot match.

Olympia SM3 Deluxe, made in Germany. The holy grail of typewriters of yore basically. Refurbished and ready to be a work horse for years to come. Has a melodic bell on the carriage return. Original hammer-tone green finish and chrome trim. Super clean and minty condition. Drop dead gorgeous.
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Song of the Day

If there’s a single song ever written about being out as a teenager in the suburbs in the 1980s, this is it. This was one of my favourite songs (on rotation) when I was 18 and everything in it rang true for me. Feeling like my home was no longer a home because of my parent’s reaction to my sexuality. Thinking about dying. Being too shy to ask for something. Every line. All of it.

Here is The Smiths with their 1986 song, There is A Light That Never Goes Out.