1990s Music · Hip Hop

Song of the Day

Here’s today’s writing incantation.

May we write for miles, until it’s suddenly dusk. May we read like words are food and we’ve been starving, lost for months in the jungles of Burma. And may we edit carefully.

Ever since I wrote “upside your head” in yesterday’s post I’ve had The Gap Band’s 1979 hit “Oops Upside Ya Head” stuck in my head.

Here’s a pimped up version of that song. Which brings me to one more incantation: may we write with the confidence of Snoop Dogg.

Hip Hop · Survival

Song of the Day

We’re clearly overdue for some classic ’90s hip hop. Here’s Mobb Deep and a song that never fails to give me chills. Filing this under survival for a survival-ridden day. Getting the rest of my sleeve shaded in today. Kids, a word of advice: don’t get your ink done in your 50s. According to my tattoo artist our pain tolerance decreases with age and I think I can testify to that… eep.