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Song of the Day

I’m at that point in my rewrite where I’m in my teens and it’s the 1980s again. So, you can expect an ‘80s theme in the coming posts as I try to immerse myself in that era (and angst). For now, there’s this song called Meet Me In The Woods, by Lord Huron. I ran to this last night and on my runner’s high it struck me as golden. Admittedly, I was also on a bit of a post-writing high. My Olympia typewriter is like magic from another dimension.

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Song of the Day

Today’s SOTD is from Swedish DJ Oni Ayhun, also affiliated with The Knife so our Swedish electro theme continues. This is OAR003-B and it’s long and involved (in a lie back and close your eyes kinda way).

Also, because it’s my Saturday writing day, I feel inclined to share a new edition to the household. Call me eccentric (because I’ve never heard *that* before) but I’m going back to my writing roots. For my big rewrite I’m doing pen to paper, like I used to. Then I’ll be doing ink to paper. Immediate and deliberate; each word and punctuation intentional and hand-wrought. Seriously though. It’s working a kind of magic that a direct type to an iPad or laptop cannot match.

Olympia SM3 Deluxe, made in Germany. The holy grail of typewriters of yore basically. Refurbished and ready to be a work horse for years to come. Has a melodic bell on the carriage return. Original hammer-tone green finish and chrome trim. Super clean and minty condition. Drop dead gorgeous.
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Song of the Day

Today’s SOTD sounds like The Knife because it’s the lead singer, Karin Dreijer, as Fever Ray. Here she is with her version of the Peter Gabriel song, Mercy Street. I appreciate the original but I appreciate this moody cover just as much. Perfect for a Friday that promises a creative and adventurous weekend ahead.

For those curious to hear the original, I’ve included it below. Gabriel’s version is equally haunting and moving (perhaps more so) but is firmly planted in 1986.