2001-present music · Sobriety

Song of the Day

Today’s SOTD is one that makes me feel gratitude. Grateful for seeing myself through, one day at a time, safe and sound and sober. I first heard this song when I was still in the throes of tomboozery (so to speak). But I longed to be free of it. I missed the person I used to be. This song makes me think of that person and that time, not so long ago now.

This is Flogging Molly and Whistles the Wind. A good song to feel grateful to.

2001-present music · Survival

Song of the Day

Today’s Song of the Day is brought you by R.E.M. I went through a very big R.E.M. phase in my 20s and 30s. It was my preferred soundtrack for a lot of heartache.

This is one of their very early songs, Don’t Go Back To Rockville. I still strongly relate to this song. A town in my recent memory replaces it, in terms of my own private “Rockville.” (I’m sure we all have one).

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2001-present music · Love

Song of the Day

Today’s Song of the Day is brought you by Australian wonder, Courtney Barnett. This is her song, Pedestrian at Best. This song makes me laugh out loud so I’m filing it under survival. Notice survival songs are a theme these days? One word of explanation for that: February.

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