1990s Music · Hip Hop

Song of the Day

Here’s today’s writing incantation.

May we write for miles, until it’s suddenly dusk. May we read like words are food and we’ve been starving, lost for months in the jungles of Burma. And may we edit carefully.

Ever since I wrote “upside your head” in yesterday’s post I’ve had The Gap Band’s 1979 hit “Oops Upside Ya Head” stuck in my head.

Here’s a pimped up version of that song. Which brings me to one more incantation: may we write with the confidence of Snoop Dogg.

1990s Music · Love

Song of the Day

So the other day over my morning coffee, I re-read a chapter of a book I started writing in 2013. After I read it, I thought: Oh ya. I have a book to finish.

It isn’t perfect but it has potential. And if I’ve ever wanted to do anything with this life, it’s that. I have a book in me. I don’t know if it’s that book. At least it won’t be that book in its current incarnation. But the possibility of its future incarnation excites me.

So for the next few months, as I embark on my own private writing retreat, I’ll be posting songs that are somehow writerly. Or poetic. Or otherwise sung by Morrissey.

May your own muse (writerly or otherwise) also smack you upside the head.

1990s Music · Hip Hop · Love · Sobriety · Survival

Song of the Day

So yesterday was my birthday. The sun shone all day. Up my sleeve was my still healing sleeve. On my head was a fresh barbershop fade. My button down shirt was crisp. Friends took me out for lunch. I ate a lot and laughed a lot. It was a good day. One of those days where this classic ‘90s song comes to mind.

And yeah, I’m checking all the buckets for this one. Love, survival, sobriety. I’m feeling it all.