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Song of the Day

Today’s SOTD is from Swedish DJ Oni Ayhun, also affiliated with The Knife so our Swedish electro theme continues. This is OAR003-B and it’s long and involved (in a lie back and close your eyes kinda way).

Also, because it’s my Saturday writing day, I feel inclined to share a new edition to the household. Call me eccentric (because I’ve never heard *that* before) but I’m going back to my writing roots. For my big rewrite I’m doing pen to paper, like I used to. Then I’ll be doing ink to paper. Immediate and deliberate; each word and punctuation intentional and hand-wrought. Seriously though. It’s working a kind of magic that a direct type to an iPad or laptop cannot match.

Olympia SM3 Deluxe, made in Germany. The holy grail of typewriters of yore basically. Refurbished and ready to be a work horse for years to come. Has a melodic bell on the carriage return. Original hammer-tone green finish and chrome trim. Super clean and minty condition. Drop dead gorgeous.

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