Breakcore · Survival

Song of the Day

Today’s SOTD is an epic one for an epic day ahead. This is Winnipeg breakcore artist, Venetian Snares and his song Szamar Madar.

This song pretty much describes the whole tattooing process. By about hour two (or two and a half) is when the drums kick in. By the fourth hour, cue the operatic loops (read: the internal screams because the endorphins have run out). I’ll need to choose another song for my next sit as this is part 1 of my sleeve, the outline. What song for the shading-in session? I’ll have to think on that. Stay tuned.

Sadly, my tattoo artist will not be playing tracks like this. I’ll be under the needle for several hours with my ears wide open to industrial thrash metal. It’s the kind of music a serial killer might serenade with you. Where they might point out one of the indistinguishable noise tracks as “our song.”

Oh well. It’s his turf so he calls the musical shots and doesn’t take requests. I respect that.

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